About Us


Flava Lab Apparel is a family-owned and operated business in Greensboro, NC.

*Story behind our slogan: "God don't like ugly, that's why He made ME!"

      -Our signature slogan came to me while having a playful conversation with my family while celebrating Christmas in 2012. I decided to not keep this slogan to myself but to get the ball rolling and share it with the world.


**Story behind "I may be broken, but God is holding my pieces"

      -This powerful slogan was God given indeed and created in 2015. I send weekly inspiration emails out to former coworkers, friends and family of positive and uplifting words to encourage and enlighten. I add my own "commentary" to the emails before sending and I was mentally and emotionally going through a rough patch in life from life altering events and the words spoke themselves to me to comfort me and remind me that no matter what I am going through in life, God is always there with me in good and bad times. For that, I am grateful, thankful, and blessed.


***Story behind "I'm not Single, I'm dating my Passport!"

      -This playful slogan was originally created in 2015 as well. Our slogan is the perfect response to the family and friends that constantly ask if you are dating someone or asking when you are getting married every time they see you. Our vision with this slogan is for all of the people of the world that are living life, looking to explore the world, not letting their dating status stop them from living life to the fullest. Plus, your passport will not let you down and is happy to help you discover new places and new adventures! 


***Story behind "I'm So Extra!" 

     -This fun slogan was created in 2018 and was inspired by a co-worker. She has a personality where average or going with the trend are not words she understands at all. Everything is over the top, dramatic, and "extra" when it comes to her. She inspired a slogan i know that many people can relate to, personally or you know friends/family this slogan speaks to as well.


***Story behind our Doughnut medley design

     -This tasty design was created in 2018. I really really really like doughnuts as you can see from our logo. This is a sampling of some of my favorites. Do you see your favorite on our list???


***Story behind our Cheap medley design

     -This economical design was created in 2018. It is well known among people that know me that I am very financially savvy in all aspects of my life. Many people keep it a secret they are cheap or tight with their money, I like to boast and share this information with others and hope I inspire someone else. It was my cheap lifestyle and financial ways that allowed me to pay off my house in 14 years. An achievement I am very proud to be able to say.


***Story behind our "Can You Believe How Cute I Am? I Can"

This statement came to me the weekend after Thanksgiving 2019. I was thinking about a couple adorable little ones from friends of mine and said to myself I wonder if they know how cute they are. The thought of a response from a young child is where this slogan was born. Too cute, right?


***Story behind our "Please excuse YOU from MY space"

This slogan is actually something I imagined over a year ago that was something I thought would interest the introverts and loners of the world because they enjoy isolation and their space greatly. I shelved it then, but social distancing and the state of our society now with concerns of COVID-19 spreading unknowingly it felt that now was the perfect time to bring this slogan to the world. Direct but also polite at the same time.


Flava Lab Apparel is a vision that within the span of a few months manifested into a business and continues to grow and amaze me!

Truly a blessing!


The Flava Lab brand has several branches:

-Flava Lab Apparel, started in April 2013. Positive, Powerful, Playful slogans for all to enjoy!

-The Flava Lab radio show, 90.9FM at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC; 26 years on air experience; 23 years in the Thursday night 8-10pm slot has now  evolved into The Flava Lab Podcast Show.

My podcast show spotlights indie rap, soul, electronic music artists that I feel are unique and are saying something worth hearing, making music for the love of music. Music I feel that has "Flava."

The Flava Lab Podcast:  www.theflavalab.podomatic.com.

-Flava Lab Entertainment, DJ/Music Provider for your events, closed up shop Dec. 2013.